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recurve version black or silver
€ 240.-
compound version black or silver
€ 340.-
recurve version black or silver
€ 440.-
compound version black or silver
€ 540.-

AGF-TURN and AGF-TIP TURN are new high-end sights, perfectly well constructed.

The 9" extension of these sights is hot pressed of high strength aluminium. In the production process the aluminium is heated to 500°C and then pressed into its shape with a weight of 400 tons.


This process leads to a very high grade of stability. It is by far higher than with other extensions that are CNC milled. Milling interferes with the structure of the material. Hot pressing in contrast soldifies and compresses the structure of the aluminium. 

As a result the 9" extension is very strong, lightweight and produces clearly less unwanted vibrations.

back of the extension

AGF-TURN Compund.jpg
AGF-TURN Back.jpg

The fine adjustmentof the AGF-TURN works in the popular way with rotary knobs.

As a special feature these rotary knobs can be lifted and adjusted. Doing so you can shift the point of origin according to your preference. (further details will follow)

The side mount block is made of aluminium as well. It conforms with the international standard.

Extra base plates for special request are available as an option.

Both sights feature an easy quick adjustment with push button

AGF-TIP TURN adjusting mechanism.jpg

V-shaped push buttons move the slide block incl. scope in small steps. Every klick on the button equates to 0.1mm.

10 klicks equate to 1 full turn of the rotary knob.

The v-shaped buttons indicate the direction where you want your arrow to go.

for example

Arrow should go higher  - klick on the upwards push button

(The slide will move downwards. That way the arrow will aim higher).

It is the same with left and right correction.

So even in a stressful situation (competition) it will be perfectly easy and safe to adjust your sight.

The AGF-TIP TURN comes with a very special and ingenious fine adjustment, in addition the the rotary knobs.


All small parts are produced accurately with a lot of care and reveal the high quality of these sights.

There are beautiful red cursors made of aluminium. They are adjustable and positioned very closely to the scale.There is also an extra writing strip for your own markings.

Because of the minimal distance between cursor and scale you can read the scale perfectly well and there is no parallax error.

Both sights are available as lefthand version.

No need to mount your sight upside down if you are a left hand shooter.


Scope not included

AGF-X, Y and Z axis part without collar.
AGF-X, Y and Z axis part with collar.jpg

We offer a compound version for both of our new sights.

We have developed a hexagonal bar for scopes with adjustable X ,Y and Z axis. Part AGF-1255.

​The compound version comes with part AGF-1255 and part AGF-1264 (stop collar).

€ 105.-
€ 139.-

AGF-1255 without stop collar

AGF-1255 with stop collar AGF-1264

The adjustable hexagonal bar AGF-1255 can be purchased separately, with or without stop collar. 

So you can change a recurve AGF-TURN or TIP TURN to a compound sight or you can use several different scopes and exchange them within seconds.

The printed scale already makes it easy to position the hexagonal bar precisely.

With the stop collar you can fix your chosen position with absolute accurateness.

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